Grade 7/8 Homeroom 2017-2018

Welcome Back!

I am certain that you are all very excited to be returning to the classroom, and that your brains are as starved for knowledge as our land is for water!

This site will provide you with very valuable information to ensure that you are as successful as possible over the next ten months (which will fly by…well most of the time anyway).  Please ensure that you visit this site regularly and bring your parents along as well, as there will undoubtedly be times where they would be interested to see what is happening in your ‘school life’

Lets get started with an easy little activity: what does blue text mean?  Blue text indicates a hyperlink.  A hyperlink gets rid of that big clunky URL address for a webpage.  For example there is this great article that outlines the 10 keys to success (I think if you are solid at half of them you have a pretty good shot).  If you click on the hyperlink you will be taken to the actual website.  Anything can be hyperlinked to text, makes your work look and operate much more smoothly!