Grade 8 Homeroom 2016-2017

Congratulations Griffins!

The Griffins won their championship final today in a convincing 40 – 0 win over the Riders!  Well done, enjoy this great accomplishment!

 #2 – Grade 8 Career

  1. Hand in responses to personality tests completed on September 12
  2. log into a computer and create a new word document.
  3. In that document insert a table that has two columns and five rows.
  4. Copy and paste the skills from the communicate section found on the following site
    (, and place them in the first column. In column two put your personal highs and lows (examples of why you exhibit these skills or need to improve them) as they relate to this section.
  5. OK that’s not working… lets do this for now:  Record your score and impressions of the outcomes.
  6. This writing should be more like a journal entry than a formal entry, and should provide evidence of both areas of strength and opportunity for growth… be honest and be critical. These should be behaviors you exhibit regularly, not only once in a while.
  7. If you complete the first section, review the responses and insert another table to complete the next section of the employability skills listed.


Class #1 – Grade 8 Career:

People often have ideas of what they are interested in and who they are or might be in the future.  Sociual scientists also are very interested in getting us to better understand who we really are, and they have even devised tests to determine the real you….ya right.

Of course all things with a grain of salt right?  While this may seem like a hokey idea there may be merit in taking the time to honestly ask ourselves questions about who we really are.  While the outcome may not prove totally accurate (tests never are) there may be nuggets of information that can better help direct our path and the choices that will lead us to our future careers.

Take the following online tests and record your outcomes and what you agree with or disagree with.  Ensure that you take the time to identify honestly your feelings on the outcomes.  These two tests and responses are due for next Career class.


Welcome back!

I know that you are probably looking forward to the cold winter days ahead with a bit of apprehension.  Yearning for the footloose and fancy free days of summer…but hey, the past is no place to linger!  this year ahead of you holds in it both potential and promise.  I promise it will be summer again before you know it, and you will be looking back at a year filled with accomplishment, and looking forward to your first years of high school!  It is, after all, your year…own it!